Investment in my-RESI LLC

  • my-RESI develops opportunities involving the establishment of Virtual Power Plants (VPPs) that can monetize the value of residential battery systems combined with new or existing solar power generation on behalf of a developer or a third-party investor.
  • The VPP earns revenues through the provision of capacity and other grid services to utilities and in some cases wholesale grid operators and/or non utility energy suppliers. my-RESI  funds its development activity using its own resources.
  • my-RESI’s role is to maximize the revenues from a utility and provide the infrastructure to optimize the operation of the aggregated resources to the benefit of the investor/owner of the PV/battery system.
  • my-RESI is receptive to inquiry from parties interested in discussing investment opportunities, whether investing in the development of residential VPP communities or directly in my-RESI.


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