Successful project development is the end result of building a collaboration among partners committed to each other’s success

  • “Community” is a shared core value of sonnen, Inc., my-RESISM and our foundational partners; developers of residential properties
  • Commitment to equitable access to sustainable, resilient and affordable home energy
  • Basic business model can be adapted to meet the needs/realities of a specific project in a specific location
    • Resident – homeowner or leasee – is provided rooftop solar and a sonnen battery
    • my-RESISM arranges third-party financing
    • Resident pays for solar energy through a standard PPA and receives the use of the battery during outages at no cost.
    • my-RESISM monetizes the value of the battery
    • Residential developers can provide on-site solar energy and resiliency to customers
  • Numerous variations provide customer choice and additional revenue opportunities

my-RESI℠ LMI Strategies & Initiatives

sonnenCommunity master planned projects customarily allocate housing stock towards LMI households.

my-RESISM purposely expands & targets sonnenCommunity VPP clusters to LMI households and rental communities.

my-RESISM integrates sonnenCommunity VPP clusters with state programs for disadvantaged communities.

my-RESISM purposely expands existing sonnenCommunity VPP clusters to include Group Homes for the disabled.

my-RESISM works with The del Sol Foundation for Energy Security, in order to implement a philanthropic VPP system in Puerto Rico and other natural disaster prone communities, branded “The Lighthouse”.


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