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David is a co-founder and Chief Exectutive Officer of my-RESISM. David’s experience spanning four decades of entrepreneurial business development and his focus on the rapid commercialization of emerging technologies is well-suited to the development and deployment of virtual power plants (VPPs). His concentration in renewable energy product development, focus in the area of data analytics, and his lifetime concentration in launching start-ups is well-suited to the management of my-RESISM for successful initial product deployment and rapid growth.

As a serial entrepreneur with focus and expertise in the technology sector, David has enjoyed a lifetime of learning in the discovery, development, and application of new technology. He maintains a focus on strategic, top down analysis of markets and trends, such as renewable energy generation and storage, blockchain, predictive analytics and IoT. Complementing his role as a strategist, David has the necessary patience and skills to dive deeply into emerging technologies, identifying variations in approach and application, and completing cost/benefit analyses of competing platforms and business plans.

David has had considerable success in the commercialization of early stage products, financial modeling, complex sales, licensing, strategic alliances, mergers and acquisitions. He is a creative visionary and a skilled business analyst. As a successful senior executive with more than 30 years of experience, David’s career spans a wide technology spectrum, including commercial/utility scale wind turbine development, PV solar yield optimization, supply chain automation software, warehouse management, industrial controls, commercial and municipal water treatment system development, semantic networks, Big Data, & web-based interactive multi-media.

David is currently a Director in Hybridyne Power Electronics, a Canadian firm which he co-founded in 2007 and that has developed patent-pending technology, Maestro Intelligent Performance Optimization, to dramatically improve the electrical and financial yield of large commercial and utility scale Photo-Voltaic Solar projects. The company has recently (2017) organized a U.S. based company, Hybridyne Power Systems, to house the technology portfolio and complete its product development efforts in preparation for a global distribution.

Over the course of three decades, David has been an innovator in the management and design of data assets. Beginning in 1990 as a Director of Corporate Systems at Trinet, a leading provider of global business demographic data, David was engaged to re-engineer the company’s data product development and fulfillment system architecture. Working with the CEO of Venture Development Center, a company offering visionary data product and management solutions for some of the world’s largest brands, David was frequently engaged in a consultative capacity to support a variety of client-driven data product development projects. This work culminated in David’s recent senior consultative role at the firm in the areas of market research, data analysis, and product architecture.

A prior entrepreneurial effort at LegatoVideo, where he was co-founder and CEO, resulted in the debut of the world’s first video instant messaging system at COMDEX in 2001. The company was sold in 2004 to a private investment group.

Beginning in 1998, in a role as Senior VP of Strategy and Corporate Development at TSE and NASDAQ listed Descartes Systems Group, a global Supply Chain Software company, headquartered in Waterloo, Ontario, David re-organized the company’s product portfolio and re-defined its market message, resulting in booked sales increasing by 66% – the company’s stock skyrocketed from $5.00/share to $90.00 in the Spring of 2000. Prior to his tenure at Descartes, David co-founded dx/dt Technologies to advance an M&A agenda in the Supply Chain software market. He developed the term sheet that resulted in the quick sale of the company six months after its incorporation at an enviable price differential. David has deep expertise in the science of warehouse management and the development of automated warehouse control systems. An opportunity to create a new firm to supply automated materials handling systems (high speed sortation controls, barcode scanning interfaces, and parcel manifesting software) led him to co-found AL Systems in 1983. For almost a decade, David held senior management positions in Software Development and Sales & Marketing with AL Systems. His leadership helped to drive the company to become a recognized provider of advanced Industrial Control and Warehouse Management Systems for a long list of retailers, distributors, manufacturers, and systems integrators serving the materials handling, distribution and logistics industries.

David is also a co-founder of Aspen Integrated Systems, LLC and holds the office of Managing Director. The company is focused on the recycling of wastewater to meet potable water standards, creating a sustainable future for industrial and public water consumers worldwide. In addition to overseeing the state department of environmental protection permitting requirements, David developed the company’s technical product architecture and investment documentation.

David is an expert at identifying emerging technologies that can be characterized as “ready for market”, designing operational strategies for maximizing returns in those markets, managing financial instruments to meet business objectives, building productive partnerships and distribution networks, and increasing shareholder value.

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